Hi, I'm Rick Booth. I'm an ambitious and personable individual with experience in both web development and full stack software development. As a self-driven, forward-thinking individual, I constantly strive to embrace new techniques and technologies, understanding their impact and weaving them into new and existing projects alike.


Web Developer

Lead Tech

I'm currently working as a web developer for Lead Tech. Part of my role here involved me implementing a new technology stack for the team, moving away from using Jekyll to using VueJS for new projects.

These projects included building the main website, building landing pages and building a blog; focusing on increasing page speeds and making it quicker/easier to add further functionality with the power of Vue.

Software Developer


After working on several smaller projects I moved on to software development full time. Working in a small development team on a rapidly growing Ruby on Rails product. I worked on several interesting features and brought both internal and customer-based suggestions to life.

2nd Line Support Technician

Meritec Ltd

Alongside the day to day role of providing technical support to schools trying to establish a data connection between their servers and ours, I also worked on several development projects such as implementing an online booking system, an internal documentation server with a built in CMS and WYSIWYG editor.

I focused improving the speed and SEO optimisation for the company website using techniques such as minifying files, compressing images and prioritising above-the-fold content.

Analytical Chemist

Keighley Laboratories

As a first job, I worked with ferrous and non-ferrous metals to determine their chemical compositions using various different wet chemistry methods.

I discovered my passion for IT in this role by managing the company's CMS and by helping improve general IT procedures such as creating an interactive spreadsheet for calculating the uncertainty of measurement with equipment and techniques.